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LawTalk, the NZLS magazine, has published a more detailed article of mine on how to resolve the issues currently plaguing the construction industry. With prior experience of the UK and Australia, it is baffling that in a booming construction sector (not just building and housing), we have contractor's failing, margins falling and prices escalating.

Any solution must address:

(1) the procurement process
(2) sensible allocation of risk
(3) appropriate contract terms which recognise the roles of the parties, and properly protect subcontractors
(4) prompt, fair and cost effective dispute resolution


Congratulations to Stuart Robertson and the Committee of the NZ branch of the Society of Construction Law on winning the right to host the International SCL Conference in Auckland in 2020.

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This morning's Herald​ has an article by me highlighting the causes of the crisis in the construction industry.

While opinions on the cures of what ails the industry proliferate in the media, few properly address the causes. This is understandable, as each industry player has its own perspective, but few address the cause. To date, Government intervention has focussed on the symptoms, rather than reflecting an understanding of the industry itself, and how we have a booming construction sector, with contractors going bust.