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International arbitration in NZ – a seat or just sitting?

Practitioners point out that there is little point in New Zealand promoting itself as a centre for international arbitration in competition with the established centres of London, Paris, New York, Singapore or Hong Kong. But our advantage is that we are not those places; we do not carry the costs associated with litigating there; we are local, yet we can provide a comparable service.

This article appeared in the 21 March 2014 Edition of the ADSLi’s LawNews.


Costs in Arbitration

At the AMINZ Conference in Auckland in 2013, Terry Sissons gave an excellent paper on costs in arbitration, and in particular the relevance of the High Court Rules to awarding costs in arbitration.  As a result of that paper, a wider discussed ensued.  The result was that the Arbitrators’ and Mediators’ Institute of New Zealand (AMINZ) decided to develop guidelines for arbitrators on the issue.  The draft guidelines are available here and from the AMINZ website for review and discussion.  All comments welcomed.